About me

I have been a medical advisor and consultant to Marketing, Sales and Regulatory Affairs for more than 20 years. My speciality is to bring together all the specific needs and requirements of these functions into unique, demand building messages. Given my past leadership role as the scientific and regulatory head in organizations such as Novartis, I am results driven while taking into account your company´s internal and external process requirements and needs.

I was always interested in topics related to nutrition, but not advising clients in eating the right food. I was interested in questions about “why” and “how”.
I acquired a degree in Human Nutrition Sciences at the University of Giessen. I specialized in biochemistry and marketing – a rather rare but complementary combination. These disciplines remained the corner stone and red file of my career.
First I was responsible in the industry as head of medical and regulatory affairs. I always worked in close cooperation with colleagues from marketing, sales and regulatory affairs. The integration of science, regulatory affairs and marketing formes the fundament and core expertise of my expert consultancy work for the industry.

My key activities are in the field of products and services referring to nutrition. For a successful product placement, I always look for right and impressive words to inform about characteristics and advantages and search for the scientific reasons behind their function.

I am offering both, medical affairs and regulatory affairs services, because not only drugs but also food and supplements with their ingredients and health claims have to be registered and receive market approval.
In particular, I have experiences in the authorisation of food for special medical purposes, infant formula, clinical nutrition and food supplements.
My services include the development of product ideas, the composition and the establishment of texts for labelling complying with all applicable regulations as well as literature research to prove the efficacy.

My clients are above all in Germany and Austria, but also from European countries and Switzerland.

I also support you on-site for special projects or interim positions!

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